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Hello Potpourriers!
Hope you guys have been well. I’m back with yet another TGLP review; this time at Santé – A comparatively new haunt in the heart of Bandra, within the C’est La Vie Club property on Hill Road, Santé is a nice space to chill with some potent concoctions and finger foods. The décor was ambient and the vibe quite pleasant, although it did get pretty noisy by the end of the night – which I guess is a good sign, right?
A couple of food bloggers came together on this particular evening to taste a few dishes that already exist in their menu and some new additions that they plan to incorporate soon. I thought I’d walked in pretty late, but I guess the evening had just begun for most of them and it looked quite interesting.

Dairy Milk Martini

Having settled into my chair, I got a heads up about everything that was already tasted. What came as a highly recommended suggestion was the Dairy Milk Martini – yep, you read that right. I think I remember grinning with joy only because it has been and continues to be my most favourite chocolate in the whole wide world and sipping on it in the form of a alcoholic concoction caught my fancy immediately. Potent, distinctively creamy and sweet, I know I’m definitely going back for more, even though it’s not a part of their regular menu. #TGLPrecommendation
Falafel Pita Tartlettes

I think these made for great small bites as we sipped on our favourite cocktails. Although they look bite-size, splitting it into two is a wise way to enjoy these tartlettes without getting uncomfortable. The falafels were beautifully crispy while the hummus added a smooth texture to this overall preparation. The pita bread could be thinner but all in all, I enjoyed this dish and is a nice option for the vegetarians.

Paneer and French Fries Sliders

Yes, before you judge a dish by its ingredients, it’s best to taste them and then come to a conclusion as these sliders made me want to eat not just my words but also an extra bite of the same. What really made this preparation worthy of a mention is the fact that the fries were a part of the sliders and not served on the side like otherwise. The paneer within was absolutely fresh and melted effortlessly in my mouth and the fries added a fantastic crunch effect. Nicely done.

Wasabi Grilled Chicken

One of the lighter options for the weight watchers is this Grilled Chicken strips with a considerable “drizzle” of wasabi mayo. Personally, I like the pungency of wasabi but don’t think my nose could handle it as well, maybe because there was too much of it. I liked how it added a quirky zing to the basic grilled chicken strips which I think could’ve been served as skewers just for the sake of convenience, but that’s again a personal choice.

Pesto Malai Chicken

One of my favourite appetizers of the evening, the Pesto Malai Chicken was succulent and so flavourful! The combination is made in heaven and I think quite an innovative move by the chef. Both flavours – that of zestful pesto and Mughlai special malai came together extremely well and I will definitely go back for this because I am a sucker for dishes that successfully deliver the best of two worlds with the most unlikely cuisines or choice of ingredients.
Lamb Bao Buns

A Bao is almost like the South East Asian version of a dabeli. Ok, that was a bad comparison because I don’t like dabelis but I do love baos. The Lamb Bao Buns we tasted at Santé were quite nice! Juicy and perfectly cooked lamb chunks with a tangy-sweet honey soy sauce in bao buns that seemed a little too thick, which ended up overpowering the original flavourful bite of the lamb filling. I think it works as a great add-on to their list of appetisers if they work on the thickness of those bao buns.

Piri Piri Prawns

Seafood and especially prawns are my poison. I think I would eat it in any style of preparation as long as they’re fresh and don’t exude a strong odour. The Piri Piri Prawns were actually meant to be have a regional flavour – that of the African bird’s eye chillies but I guess it didn’t really live up to the expectation. I still think it’s a great dish and tasted well because in the end, the prawns were fresh and the overall flavour was quite lovely. Check it out if you’re an ardent prawn fanatic like me.
If you’re looking for an appetisers + drinks sort of evening in Bandra, Santé might just be the place you’d like to drop by now that I’ve listed down the note-worthy mentions. 
Address: Santé,164, Near Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.
Contact No.: 022 30151164
Have a good week you guys! 🙂
Until next time…
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